enq-, onq- (*hok-)

enq-, onq- (*hok-)
    enq-, onq- (*hok-)
    English meaning: to sigh, groan, onomatopoeic words
    Deutsche Übersetzung: Schallwurzel: ‘seufzen, stöhnen” (enq-), “brũllen, brummen” (onq-)
    Note: both vocalizations also with various emotion value, so that perhaps would be spoken from two variant onomatopoeic words. Besides, admittedly, a root form in voicednonaspirated eng-, ong-, n̥g- “groan, moan, sigh”, without such such meaning separation after the vocalizatIon.
    Material: Gk. ὀγκάομαι “cry, shout (bray, of the ass) “ (of donkey), ὄκνος “ bittern “ (*ὄγκνος); Alb. nëkónj, Gheg angój “ groan, sigh, complain “ (*enq-); Lat. uncō, -üre “ to sound or roar like a bear “. But Welsh och “ a sighing, a sigh, a groan, a lamentation, complaint “, interjection “ah!”, is not deducible from *oŋq- and probably certainly a new interjectional creation; Slav. *jęčati, R.C.S. jaču, jačati ‘sigh”, jaklivъ “ having an impediment in one’s speech”, Russ. dial. jačá tь “groan, moan, plaintive shout “. With voiced-nonaspirated: M.Ir. ong “ the groaning, sigh, lamentation “, in addition probably O.Ir. ennach “crow” (from *eng-n-ükü) and enchache f. “ buffoonery, scurrility “; M.L.G. anken “groan, moan, sigh”, Nor. dial. ank “ whimpering, sigh, distress, repentance “, Dan. ank, anke “ lament, complaint “, wherefore changing through ablaut Dan. ynke, Swe. ynka “have mercy on, deplore, bemoan “, at most also Ger. Unke after her pitiful cry (yet onomatopoeic word M.H.G. ūche “ toad “; s. still Kluge11, the hybridization this ūche with M.H.G. O.H.G. unc ‘snake” [see above S. 44] considers). An onomatopoeic word is Lith. ùngti, ùngau “ whimper like a dog “.
    References: WP. I 133.

Proto-Indo-European etymological dictionary. 2015.

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